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Personalization: The Future of Bookable Inventory

Aug 29, 2018, by Michael Erving

We feel pretty good about bookable, on-the-ground inventory taking the spotlight as one of the hottest things in the travel space. Why, you ask? Because our new interface allows for bookable inventory (specifically Viator inventory) to surface in meaningful ways to users. That means greater engagement, higher conversion rates, and more revenue per user—not to mention better trips for travelers.

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Edmonton Combines Personalization and Festivals for Ultimate Destination Discovery

Aug 9, 2018, by Michael Erving

We’re thrilled to announce our first partnership in the Great White North: Edmonton! As the furthest north city in North American with over a million people, Edmonton’s a metropolitan hub with a charm and character all its own. But what really sets Edmonton apart from its counterparts is the sheer number of festivals they throw throughout the year—hence the nickname "Canada’s Festival City." So where does Utrip come in? Personalization, of course.

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Why There's More to Personalization Than Recommendations

Aug 2, 2018, by Michael Erving

I touched on this last week, but I think it’s worth mentioning again: there’s unexpected things to do pretty much everywhere; from the expectedly unexpected (San Francisco’s Jerry Day) to the sleeper on the list (Sheboygan’s surf scene), there’s plenty of quirk to go around. But while that’s all well and good, what does it mean for the travel industry—and for that matter, anything to do with personalization as such a hot-button topic?

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Our New Look Is Awesome—Front End and Back

July 19, 2018, by Michael Erving

This week, we launched a sparkly, new trip planning and destination discovery experience—and we’re thrilled about it. From the brand new user interface—which allows for more flexibility in trip planning for users—to improved AI and machine learning on the back end, the new Utrip experience offers travelers a better experience and gives our partners insights into their travelers' preferences.

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How Utrip's Partners Use Video to Boost Relevance and Engagement

June 28, 2018, by Michael Erving

It’s no secret that video plays a huge role in engaging users; actually, it’s more of a given than anything. Essentially, videos lead to everything from increased customer conversions and stronger emotional connections to better SEO and higher engagement. And the cool thing? There are so many different ways to implement videos on your site and into your brand! Two of our favorite video strategies used by our partners are hero videos and promo videos, and we thought we’d share a few.

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