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May 15, 2018, by Gilad Berenstein, CEO of Utrip

With more people willing to spend money on experiences, Facebook's Trip Consideration is a valuable tool for travel marketers. Ideas for vacations are now spawning from pictures and videos shared by friends and family on Facebook. People know they want to travel, they just don't know where they want to go. Enter Trip Consideration: the travel industry's golden opportunity at reaching those hoping to travel.

How it Works

Trip Consideration targets people who (Facebook *thinks*) are doing exactly that: considering a trip or vacation. It is a way to target people who want to travel but haven't decided upon a destination. It’s a top-of-funnel marketing tool to target potential travelers to convert them into actual travelers (read: customers)—and the statistics are pretty promising:

  • 68% of Millennials find ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook.
  • Travelers are spending five times more time on Facebook and Instagram than any other travel site.
  • Half of the travelers use a mobile device when planning a trip.
  • These same travelers visited 56-related travel searches over 43 days before actually booking a trip.

Industry Implications

To get started, it’s actually pretty simple: a single video or a static image of a destination (or a deal/promotion) is all that’s needed. For example, a hotel can use Trip Consideration to influence where a traveler may want to stay by luring them with special offers and/or packages. Airlines also have the potential to do well with Trip Consideration by offering flight specials to certain destinations. A little further down the funnel, this could be scaled to individual points of interest, too; business owners could offer something like a free scoop of gelato, discounted admission, drink vouchers, or anything, really. The options are seemingly infinite—and who doesn’t like free gelato, anyway?

Testing the Waters

NYC & Company, the tourism board for New York City, tested Trip Consideration with their "True York City" campaign. The results were positive: there were 61 percent more video views and 58 percent more link clicks.

The Benefits

Targeting travelers early in the trip planning process is something we at Utrip have long  been advocated for (check out our top three reasons to engage travelers early focus on customer retention and loyalty, if you want more info); many of today's travelers are becoming inspired to travel from seeing photos and videos on Facebook and other social media apps—and we’re all about inspiration! Social sharing with friends and family is influencing more people; they know they want to go somewhere, they're just not sure where they want to go—and that’s where tapping into Trip Consideration’s massive web of intent data comes in.

Advances in social media marketing are happening almost every day, and knowing which of the latest trends will create success for your brand is key. Whether you want to leverage Facebook’s Trip Consideration or not (and that depends on your specific situation), just remember the importance of destination promotion for your top-of-funnel audience. And while it’s easy to be a bit unnerved by the ubiquity of tech giants like Facebook and TripAdvisor, when their combined intelligence means that more people travel to places they want to go, we think that’s a pretty wonderful thing. After all, that’s what we’re all about: combining AI with travel to make a distinctly, delightfully human experience.

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