Better Data Improves Visitor Experience

Travel Portland

Travel Portland selected Utrip to improve the accuracy of their data and content.

Click here to see how Travel Portland has:

  • Leveraged automation to update their content
  • Enriched 80% of their content database
  • Improved their digital experience


Personalized Travel Planning Increases Engagement

Nashville CVC

Visit Music City has created digital differentiation and a more personalized visitor experience with the Utrip platform.

Click here to see how the NCVC has:

  • Increased member visibility
  • Seen over 44,000 trips planned
  • Improved engagement by increasing personalization
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Engaged Visitors Leading to Longer Trips

Visit Dallas

Visit Dallas has seen outstanding results since deploying the Utrip platform.

Click here to see how Visit Dallas has:

  • Extended average trip length by 43% 
  • Improved digital engagement
  • Increased revenue 


Boutique Hotel Collection Increases LOS

Personality Hotels

By enhancing the digital experience, Personality Hotels has not only seen improved website metrics but also a positive impact on the bottom line.

Check out how the San Francisco hotel chain has seen:

  • Length of stay increase by 70%
  • Better-engaged online visitors
  • An increase in direct bookings



Why DMOs Recommend Utrip

DMOs & Utrip

We surveyed our partners who have had the Utrip platform deployed for at least 6 months. Our goal was to get feedback and find out how satisfied our partners are with their trip planners.

See why:

  • Partners rate us a 9.5 out of 10 for overall satisfaction
  • Utrip comes highly recommended  


Experiential Planner Lowers Bounce Rate

South Lake Tahoe

By offering customers an experiential trip planner, Tahoe South has seen a significant climb in engagement and overall users interacting with their digital experience.

Download the case study to see how Tahoe South:

  • Decreased bounce rate by 56%
  • Increased average time spent on page
  • Saw a significant rise in number of users
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