What makes Utrip different than other trip planners we've seen?

Utrip's recommendation engine is the most advanced trip planning technology in the space. Over the past few years, we've built and refined our algorithms to consider the many factors involved in travel planning. As travelers use the platform, the smarter our engine gets. 

We are building the world's largest travel graph of travel preferences and behavior. Most trip planners are either canned itineraries or force the partner and user to do all of the work. We believe that technology focused on personalization makes travel better—for the traveler who doesn't want to sift through loads of content and for our partners who benefit from higher engagement.

How long is the implementation process?

Standard packages take about 4-5 weeks to launch. 

Premium packages take about 5-6 weeks to launch. 

Custom platforms depend on the level of customization requested.

Can Utrip be used to highlight preferred members/partners?

At Utrip, we strive to put the traveler experience first, but we understand that many times you will have a preferred partnership or relationship that you want to highlight.  We are able to deliver both visual and algorithmic preferential treatment for these partners.

If we decide to launch a new website, how would that impact an existing Utrip partnership?
We understand that redesigning a website can be a daunting task, and the last thing we want is to add to the stress. We ensure that if you update your site or branding, we can easily accommodate those changes. You'll just need to send us new elements, and we'll take care of the rest.
How does Utrip get its content?

To give you the most unique and exciting travel experiences, the Utrip team curates each destination using our proprietary technology called SnowGlobe.  This machine learning technology curates, understands and updates destination content and recommendations.  We then add experience of our local experts to bring their local flavor as well as our own curation team to ensure the best variety of travel experiences. In other words, we do the heavy lifting and sort through thousands of activities, attractions, restaurants, hotels and nightlife so that you don’t have to. 

Can we utilize content we already have?

Yes. We are happy to ingest your content manually or via API. Utrip will add our special metadata for each recommendation to work with our personalization engine, called UtripIA.

How does Utrip ensure that the content is being maintained accurately?

Utrip has advanced proprietary technology called SnowGlobe that combs a variety of sources across the web (like top travel sites, global publications, local/micro sources, papers, blogs and even awards, such as Michelin Stars). We automate finding closures, changes to addresses, hours of operation, websites, etc. so you don't have to. 

How does Utrip rank items?

Utrip does not "rank" items. The Utrip algorithm takes a more sophisticated and complex approach to building out a destination, as it doesn't really help any traveler to say "this is the best thing," because we’re all individuals with unique preferences. Each item has many different variables which it is scored on by our content team.

It's important to know that we do not rank items against each other. Items are only ranked according to an individual traveler's preferences, because that’s what helps drive a truly personalized experience.

How does Utrip categorize items?
Most Utrip items are categorized under multiple categories so that they are discoverable in many different ways. We are extremely focused on the traveler experience. So for example, while most restaurants will go into the Dining category, if a restaurant is really all about sports—it has multiple TVs with games on, has a sports theme, etc.—we might categorize that as Sports as well.
How much work do we need to do to implement Utrip?

We do the heavy lifting, and that's why our partners love us. We need a few design elements and personalization choices from you off the bat, but then the Utrip team builds out your platform. We do extensive testing and QA before we hand you a testing site (so you can be sure that we've created a great traveler experience). Our goal is to take care of the details, and then have you be the executive editor.

Will we have a point of contact after Utrip is deployed?
Our Account Managers stay with you from kick off, to build, to post-launch. We don't see the people we work with as clients, we see them as partners. Together we learn about what works best from feedback and from data. We will continue to improve the experience as our partnership grows. Utrip is continuously evolving our technology, and your Account Manager will keep you up to date on developments and new features that we roll out to you.
What is the turnaround time on requests?
We do our best to respond to requests as soon as possible, typically within a day.
What type of data will we receive from this partnership?

Engagement and behavioral data. We provide monthly reports within 10 days after the previous month’s end. These include digital engagement statistics, such as users, sessions, average session duration, trips planned, bounce rate, user geography, traffic sources, etc.

We also break down the Travel Styles your users choose, activity lever preferences, average length of trip, top selected and removed items from itineraries, etc. That’s how you get to know what your visitors truly care about and how they see themselves as travelers. These monthly reports also include recommendations and best practices moving forward.

Will we own the data that Utrip collects?
Yes. All the data collected is yours. Utrip will not market to your travelers or share personally identifiable data. Non-identifiable data goes into the Utrip travel graph in order for the Utrip recommendation engine to grow and improve.